While I do accept project work, I primarily offer an engagement model that has proven to be very satisfying to my clients.  Under this model, I sell my time in blocks of 20 hours.  These hours can be applied to whatever tasks or projects you see fit.  When the hours run out, you simply buy another block.

This engagement model is compelling for several reasons.  First, when contractors quote a price for a single project, they usually quote high in order to protect themselves in case the project takes longer than anticipated.  Under my model, this doesn’t happen.  You only pay for the hours you use.

Second, an hourly model makes it easier for you to use me for smaller tasks, such as polishing up presentations that someone else has already drafted or sitting in on a strategy session.  By using me for these smaller tasks, you ensure quality and consistency across all of your communications.

Finally, my model engagement fosters closely bonded long-term working relationships with my clientsrather than contractor-style piecework.  As we work together this way over time, I become more intimately familiar with your solutions, market, and corporate culture. The result is that I can often draft entire whitepapers or multiple blog entries with just a brief phone call to clarify our objectives.

It’s a very effective model that has been enthusiastically embraced every client I’ve ever had.